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We offer cost-effective solutions for different requirements in the field of traffic light systems, from simple pedestrian crossing controllers up to more complex intersections. User-friendly programming and servicing of equipment.

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Traffic controller – ХХ – 02 Series Controller Unit is a fully electronic system using microprocessor technology with a full complement of operational, programming, and diagnostics capabilities.

Exceeds GOST 34.401-90 standards for traffic controllers.

We offer cost-effective solutions for different requirements in the field of traffic light systems, from simple pedestrian crossing controllers up to more complex intersections. User-friendly programming and servicing of equipment.


The modern programmed traffic controllers are made with 8 or 16/24/32 output signal group and wide functionalities.

  1. easy programming
  2. easy operating
  3. Plug, Download, and that’s all!
For the extension of functionalities controller has some international standard interfaces:
  1. interface RS 232
  2. SPI internal interface
  3. RS 422
For operating with controllers can be used:
  1. PC compatible desktop computer or notebook. (full operating)
  2. The portable engineering console REP-01

  1. EEPROM technology is used to retain all timing and control parameters. No batteries are required for retention of traffic parameters.
  2. Real timekeeping clock. Time Base clock with battery support contains automatic adjustment for leap year and daylight savings changes. Mode of providing the Daylight Savings Time is adjustable.
  3. During either uploading or downloading operations normal traffic control operations shall not be suspended. All data shall be continually accessible and may be displayed at the interface console. After completion of a procedure the controller softly begins to operate on the new program.
  4. A program day shall be the list of traffic and/or auxiliary events to occur in a 24 hour period. The Time Base events shall be implemented from a weekly schedule of program days.
  5. SPECIAL DAYS: The exceptions to the normal day-of-week event listings shall utilize Time-Of-Year Special program days. Time-Of-Year Special program days shall be utilized for special day programs which occur on the same date (month and month day) every year.
  6. Free assignment of colour of output signals.
  7. 2 Additional output power channels of pedestrian signals “walk” “don’t walk” “wait”.
  8. Global control of all output power channels:
    1. Measurement of consumption of a real current on each output channel (A)
    2. Current overload
    3. System determines whether the output drivers are operating correctly
    4. The adaptive system of determination of a faulty lamp
    5. Conflict signal fault prevention
    6. Pprotection of a shot circuit (3 levels of protection)
    The controller independently inspects correctness of output signals and, in case of errors, makes a decision on yellow blinking or about continuation of operation.
  9. Visible control of operation of switches, sensors and outputs.
  10. Control of unauthorized access inside cabinet.
  11. Delay for “Green wave”.
  12. Small dimensions.
  13. Soft (step) start of lamps.
  14. Optoisolated inputs and outputs.
  15. Is able to work with lamp and LED signal heads. Low load from 20 mA.
  16. Local coordination of some controllers! 2-Wire connection between some controllers with function of delay for providing of “green wave”.


The controller shall automatically and continually monitor system activity and all events with alpha-numeric description and the time and date of occurrence store in log/report and remain available for display as needed. Log with the capacity saves 100 events. This report shall be capable of being viewed on the display of RIP or transmitted to a personal computer.


The KDP «SET» provides for a user specified security code entry before data may be altered. This security code entry is never required in order to view any parameter. For control of unauthorized access inside cabinet controller has infrared sensor of an open cabinet door.


The software PC for WINDOW 98, 2000, XP allows:

  1. have the database of controllers with names of streets or areas of city
  2. create programs of management of intersections
  3. have the graphically represented information about operations modes of the equipment
  4. operate controllers of a series KDP «SET»
  5. diagnose controllers
  6. make restart after conflict faults, switch on yellow flash or switch off all controller signals.
A user with computer on-line to a radio communication or wire of communication (connection) have access to any program or schedule of operation and at any moment can change their contents.


  1. Communication by GSM modem.
  2. The controller unit shall have the ability to receive input data from special detector inputs and vehicle detector inputs.
  3. The controller unit shall process all system detector data, consisting of volume and occupancy, and shall be capable of transmitting the results of this processing to either the master controller or personal computer.
  4. The Preemption program shall operate with an external interface as follows.
  5. The Preemption Inputs for preempt Railroad or Emergency or Vehicle or Bus or Transit Vehicles.
  6. Operation with the remote “console of policeman”

Power Requirements Voltage: Nominal 220 VAC Frequency: 47 to 53 Hz
Physical Dimensions WxHxD (42.0cm x 57.0cm x 25.0cm) (25 Kg)
Temperature Range from - 40 up to +50° С
Consumption 15- 45 w
Amount of output signal group 8/16/24/32
Additional output for pedestrian signals “wait” 2
Max. connected load 3,3 /5 /6 /8 kW
Max.power of lamp output per signal group 800 W
Max. connected load 3,3 /5 /6 /8 kW
Control of conflicts 100 %
Amount of traffic program up to 8
The timing intervals 1 sec
Vehicle Phases up to 20
Pedestrian Phases 2


The KDP «SET» Series Controller Unit is designed for efficient operation and ease of maintenance. Inside there are minimum components for maximum reliability. For quick, vibration safe and maintenance free connections used the original WAGO CAGE CLAMP connection. All fuses, connectors, and controls are accessible from the front of the controller unit. Maintenance and troubleshooting, when required, is accedes by computer software or engineering console REP01. The portable engineering console REP-01 substitutes the computer and to program and diagnose the controller directly on an object. (is not able to describe of setup an intersection). The controller provides an extensive report capability. Each report entry includes the date and time of occurrence.

Functions of the portable engineering console REP-01:
  1. LINK with computer for download to console RIP.
  2. Storage program of traffic management in databank.
  3. LINK with controller for download from databank of RIP to controllers memory.
  4. Real Time Base clock with battery support.
  5. EEPROM technology is used to retain all timing and control parameters. No batteries are required for retention of traffic parameters.

All programming is via a 4 button keyboard and alphanumeric LCD display. Programming is easy and error free due to the English Language Menus. Within a menu, each parameter may be viewed and a cursor movement to that parameter makes changes easy and error free. Related parameters are visible simultaneously, making verification an easy matter. The screen provides both programming area identification and editing prompts.

Our company produce special diagnostic equipment for testing KDP «SET» Series Controller.


The controller unit shall be warranted to be free from defects in workmanship and material for 18 months from the date of shipment by the manufacturer. Any part found to be defective shall, upon concurrence of the defect by the manufacturer, be replaced or repaired free of charge.


depend on output signal group, cabinet type and additional devices

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