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We offer cost-effective solutions for different requirements in the field of traffic light systems, from simple pedestrian crossing controllers up to more complex intersections. User-friendly programming and servicing of equipment.

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Sound support of the pedestrians “SSP”

Warning phrases duplicate traffic signals heads. To each colour of a signal there corresponds the voice message. “SSP” remind by voice messages the traffic rules for pedestrians and help train the habit of not hurry and keep track of traffic signals.

Can be used at all pedestrian crossings, but indispensable near schools, universities, kindergartens, hospitals. In addition the warnings on malfunction are informed.

It is equipped with timer, which switching the device automatically after the pre-set control period. The speaker with narrow diagram of trend set near a pedestrian crossing. Speaking phrases can be adapted to any language.

Power supply 220V 50 Hz(by order 110V60 Hz)
Range of temperatures -40 up to + 50 С
Power consumed without a load 8 w
Amount of loudspeakers 2/4
General duration of all phrases From 60 seconds up to 20 minutes
Logic of operation Is programmed
Amount of phrases Limited by general duration
Input voltage from signal heads 220V 50 Hz (by order 12v-48v)

The system of sound support is produced as the electronic block combined with the amplifier of low frequency, which can be installed by a number with a case of the road controller or separately, for example on a pole. The device can be connecting directly to an output of the controller or lamps of a traffic light and does not depend on its type. The beep from amplifiers moves on loudspeakers with the narrow diagram of trend installed directly on pedestrian crossing. The built-in timer is if necessary programmed which allows set per day up to the 4-th spaces of time during which the devices works. SSP has the function of assignment of loudness of loudspeakers in each of time intervals. (For Example: in the evening of the message with the lowered loudness, and night or in days off the device is silent.)

Production of SSP is based on several variants:

  1. Unified model SSP «SET-1» with a signal of a type changed pulse-width «beep» without the voice messages, which can be adapted to any object.
  2. Unified model SSP « SET-2 - UNIVERSAL» with a standard set of the voice messages, which can be adapted to any object.
  3. The custom-made version SSP «SET-3 - PROFI» as management of crossroads is carried out on individual programs and for creation of the system of voice support, the specifications of management of a crossroads and desirable speech phrases are required. Basic data for the order are: the scheme of object, program of management with time intervals and planned text of the messages.
  4. Commercial model SSP «SET-4 - ADVERTISING» - model reproducing advertising in pauses between main commands. It will allow on a commercial basis to install the equipment with further obtaining of the profit by the owner.

The device is able to operate independent and together with board of countdown time for pedestrians BCT «SET».

The voice messages can be reproduced in national language of the customer.

SSP «SET» -1 needs Buzzer (one or two)
SSP «SET» -2,3,4 needs Loudspeaker (one or two)


depend on of configuration and amount of loudspeakers.

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